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The very concept of Italian wine is so vast and varied and distinctive, it’s like a world unto itself within the world of wine. And, given its vast array of unique indigenous varieties, the appreciation of fine Italian wine is an undertaking that could well keep one occupied for a lifetime.

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2012 Dogliani Superiore Vigna Tecc Luigi EINAUDI

Dogliani Superiore is a new DOCG which denotes highest quality wines produced from Dolcetto grapes in this cooler, higher elevation growing area in this southern part of Piemonte. Pronounced "TETCH" as in 'touch' (and Luigi Einaudi have it with Dolcetto). Produced from 100% Dolcetto fruit from select marl/calcareous and clay soils from 2 hectares of favored old hillside vineyards on the estate near the village of Dogliani, Einaudi Vigna Tecc is a Dolcetto of superb concentration and breed: deep ruby in color with glimmers of violet; suggestive aromas of fleshy berry fruit, underbrush, Alpine-informed Piemontese soils, truffle and liquirizia; ample, almost richly textured on the tongue, with gentle rounded tannins and tantalizing and intense berry fruit flavors and that telltale hint of bitter almond stretching out long on the finish. La Dolcetto Vita, indeed!

$24.99 the bottle  $254.88 the case

2013 Rosso di Montalcino Il Poggione

A younger and more accessible Tuscan red from one of our favorite producers of Brunello di Montalcino, Il Poggione Rosso di Montalcino is produced from 100% Sangiovese grapes handpicked from younger vines on the estate — a baby Brunello, if you will. Bright ruby red in color and decidedly red-fruited on the nose with aromas suggestive of red berry, tart cherry, saddle leather, sun-drenched underbrush and dusty earth; medium-full in body (fuller still with some air), almost velvety in texture with fine and gentle, crisp dusty tannins and red-fruit flavors that burst with a kind of Mediterranean warmth toward the mouthwatering finish. Baby Brunello? Sure! But this Il Poggione Rosso is in and of itself an absolutely delicious Tuscan red wine!

$22.50 the bottle  $229.56 the case

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