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The Lone Star state is only in its infancy in the larger world of fine winegrowing. But the will to succeed here is strong. And quality is on the rise as the mantra of the right grape for the right location may crescendo.

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2011 La Cruz de Comal Dickson Troubadour
Produce of 100% Lenoir, also known as Black Spanish, from La Cruz de Comal's home vineyard near Startzville in our very own beautiful Texas Hill Country. Unfined and unfiltered and, while we're at it, unsulfited, too. Yes, that's right, no added sulfur dioxide. That's de rigueur chez La Cruz de Comal, with proprietor Lewis Dickson and his cohort and cultish co-winemaker, Tony Coturri. This no or low SO2 regimen can mean a wider, wilder, more exotic palate of aromas and flavors in the finished wine. It can also be a frightening or even ruinous prospect for many more middle of the roaders — this is no territory for those of the squeaky clean persuasion, wines-wise. At last, the wine is deep midnight ruby red in color; lipsticky dark fruit aromas with hints of stone and dried flowers; crisp and compelling on the tongue with good intensity of flavor and a nervy Italianesque astringency that would serve nicely at the table. This is impressive stuff!
$40.00 the bottle  $408.00 the case

2010 Stone House Vineyard Claros Norton Reserve Texas Hill Country
Stone House Vineyard produces Claros from a small, well-tended vineyard near Spicewood, Texas planted to the Norton grape variety, believed to be the oldest American grape cultivar in commercial production. Deep dark ruby red in color with aromas suggestive of bright crunchy berry fruits, cinnamon bark and a friable earth together with and an almost indescribable vinosity; medium to just full in body; cool and caressing with fine, supple, silken texture and crisp bright berryish flavors that well oblige another pull. Stone House Vineyards Claros is long a favorite of ours here in beautiful, downtown Austin, Texas, and seems now to be hitting its stride.
$24.99 the bottle  $254.88 the case

2010 Dotson Cervantes Gotas de Oro Muscat Canelli 2010 Dotson~Cervantes Gotas de Oro Muscat Canelli Chardonnay
Alphonse Dotson and Martha Cervantes produce this fine white wine from their Certenberg Vineyards at Voca in the far northwest of the Texas Hill Country. Muscat Canelli, also known as Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains is widely considered the most noble of the various varieties of Muscat and is known for its affinity to warmer climes. The 2010 Gotas de Oro is a happy mingling of 61% Muscat Canelli and 39% Chardonnay: vivid, yellow gold in color with telltale Muscat aromas suggestive of vanilla and orange zest, apricot and peach; smooth, delicately rich in texture with gentle intensity of discreet Muscat flavors; just sweet but then balanced with fresh crisp acidity; will work with dessert for sure, but light enough on its feet to enjoy as an apéritif as well. Gotas de Oro is, by any standard, a brilliant effort!
$29.99 the 500ml bottle  $305.88 the case of twelve

512 West Sixth Street Austin, Texas 78701-2806 USA
(an easy right turn between San Antonio and Nueces streets)