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Schott Zwiesel Forté

Schott Zwiesel Forté

After long years of intensive research and development, in collaboration with the University of Erlangen, Schott Zwiesel has succeeded in creating a new type of crystal glass: Tritan®. The use of unique ingredients, including Titanium instead of lead, combined with an advanced manufacturing process, has created an incredibly pure, hard and clear crystal glass — crystal glass that is highly resilient to accidental breakage and chipping in the dishwasher. Tritan® is a unique, patented crystal glass that sets a new high standard. And the Schott Zwiesel Forté series is our choice for classic elegance and durability in everyday stemware at an even better than everyday price. Pictured from left to right: Champagne Flute, (Our favorite) Champagne Glass, Bordeaux, Burgundy, White Wine, Red Wine.

$12.00 the stem, boxed sets of 6 at 15% off

Schott Zwiesel Pure

Schott Zwiesel Pure

The Pure line of stemware by Schott Zwiesel brings the pursuit of pleasure in wine to the point. The bowls of the various shapes both allow a fine wine to breathe and to focus the bouquet for those discerning of aroma, taste, texture ...  And they clearly do it all with a certain style. Tritan®, too! Pictured from left to right: Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Cabernet Sauvignon.

$15.00 the stem, boxed sets of 6 at 15% off

Riedel Vinum

Riedel Vinum Stemware

We were introduced to the Riedel Vinum line of stemware soon after our opening in 1991. We’ve been most pleased to recommend Riedel Vinum wine glasses to our discerning clientèle since. Each individual shape is designed with great care and attention specifically to enhance the particular character of and yield more of the nuances inherent in a vast array of fine wines, to increase the enjoyment of each and every glass. Riedel was the first to recognize and then promote that the shape and size of the glass really does matter. We regard Riedel Vinum as among the best of class in fine machine-made crystal stemware. Pictured from left to right: New World Pinot Noir, Brandy Snifter, Champagne, Burgundy, Cabernet/Merlot, Chardonnay/Viognier.

$37.50 the stem, boxed sets of 2 at 15% off

Rona Celebration Stemware

Rona Celebration Stemware

Rona Glassworks is one of the world's top glassmakers with more than 125 years of experience and tradition. The Celebration stemware is an ideal everyday choice, markedly durable while maintaining the elegant aesthetic known to Rona. Pictured from left to right: Wine 360ml, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne Flute, Wine 470ml.

$12.00 the stem, boxed sets of 2 at 15% off

Zalto Denk`Art

Zalto Denk`Art

The development of the Denk`Art series was inspired by the Earth and universe beyond. The curve of the bowls are tilted at the angles of 24°, 48° and 72°, which are in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth. The ancient Romans utilized this triumvirate of angles with their supply repositories, finding that produce stayed fresh for a longer time, and that it also showed improved taste. Due to these cosmic parallels, it has been posited a wine might reach its utmost potential in a Denk`Art glass, developing everything that is possible in the nose as well as on palate. This is glassware that stands at the rarefied point where form meets function. Pictured from left to right: White Wine, Champagne, Burgundy, Universal, Bordeaux.

$75.00 the stem

Zalto Denk`Art Decanters / Carafes

Zalto Denk`Art Decanters / Carafes

Technical perfection is the basic principle at Zalto. Their decanters and carafes have always been produced following a tradition of using only the most highly skilled glass-blowers working with a selection of the best raw materials. The result is a fineness in each piece, seemingly too delicate to hold yet made for use. From the impeccably executed balance to the extraordinary design, this is art. Pictured from left to right: Decanter Mystique Magnum, Carafe No. 150, Decanter Axium.

$100.00-$135.00 the piece (please inquire)

Rona Decanters / Carafes

Rona Decanters / Carafes

Rona is one of the world's leading and largest manufacturers of non-lead household crystalware, all the while maintaining socially responsible, sustainable and environmentally friendly production practices. Dishwasher safe and impact resistant, these decanters and carafes bring an elegance to your everyday dining table with their brilliance in clarity and design. Pictured from left to right: Carafe Vital, Decanter Alsace, Carafe Prestige.

$25.00-$32.50 the piece (please inquire)

Riedel Decanters

Riedel Decanters

Riedel's range of elegant decanters is wide and varied, with a piece suitable for every lifestyle and price range. Both Riedel's handmade and machine-made pieces are produced in fine, lead-free crystal glass, sharing beauty with function. Pictured from left to right: Decanter Syrah, Decanter O, Decanter Merlot.

$55.00-$599.00 the piece (please inquire)

Riedel BYO Carrying Bag

Riedel BYO Carrying Bag

The Riedel BYO Bag allows you to take your favorite glasses with you wherever you go. Comfortably padded for protection, the bag comes with three adjustable inserts that can be moved according to the size of your glass, with two handles and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The Riedel BYO holds up to four stemmed glasses so you never need to compromise when away from home.

$99.00 the bag

Private Preserve® Wine Preserver

Private Preserve® Wine Preserver

Wine preserver extraordinaire. A combination of pure nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon, the same gases used in wineries to better produce, protect and to bottle wine. One long burst of 1⁄2 second and 3 shorter bursts is all it takes for a typical 750 ml bottle. Then, just reseal the bottle and keep it cool on your kitchen or bar counter or in your refrigerator. Your wine will remain fresh until you get back to it the next evening or so. And there are 120 plus uses in each canister.

$10.00 the seemingly weightless canister

Corkscrew Pulltaps AWM Imprinted

Corkscrew Pulltaps AWM Imprinted

Durable and easy to use featuring a double hinge, serrated blade and Teflon spiral, the Pulltaps corkscrew is as functional as it is attractive in a matte, dark Burgundy finish and gold embossed lettering. The classic and trustworthy design feels like an old friend, and we do tend to favor the classics here at The Austin Wine Merchant. It'll add a personalized touch to your next gift basket, too.

$8.00 the piece

Corkscrew Pulltex Pullparrot Burgundy

Corkscrew Pulltex Pullparrot Burgundy

Made in Spain, and made to last, the Pullparrot™ Waiter's Corkscrew is a staple for the avid bottle popper. It features an easy to access serrated blade, non‑stick spiral, contoured steel handle in a glossy Burgundy finish, and retractable double‑lever system, the first lever being hinged and spring‑loaded for effortless pulling. Winner of 1st Prize at the Gevrey‑Chambertin corkscrews contest, it's a fine asset to home bars and service environments alike.

$10.00 the piece

Monopol Ah-So Cork Extractor Satin Finished

Monopol Ah-So Cork Extractor Satin Finished

Ideal for brittle corks and those delicate, cellared bottles, the Ah-So features two steel prongs which embrace the cork without damaging it. Simply insert the longer prong first followed by the shorter side, rock back and forth while pulling up and watch the cork wiggle free, liberating the good juice inside with no cork-crumble left behind. The Monopol Ah-So features a satin finish and comes with decorative sheath.

$25.00 the piece

Coravin<sup>®</sup> Pivot™ Wine Preservation System Black

Coravin® Pivot™ Wine Preservation System Black

Extend the life of your everyday wines with the Coravin® Pivot™ Wine Preservation System. Match your wine to your mood, dinner courses, or the weather. The ingenious combination of the Pivot™ Stopper and Device preserves the remaining bottle for up to 4 weeks, ensuring the last glass is just as amazing as the first. Includes 1 Pivot™ device, 1 Coravin Pure™ capsule and 2 Pivot™ stoppers.

$119.00 the piece

Coravin<sup>®</sup> Timeless Three+ Wine Preservation System Molded Black

Coravin® Timeless Three+ Wine Preservation System Molded Black

The Coravin® Timeless Three+ Wine Preservation System unlocks your choices, so you can drink any wine, in any amount, without pulling the cork. Featuring a molded all-black architecture, two Coravin Pure™ capsules, two Coravin® screw caps and a Coravin® aerator, the Three+ contains everything you need to enhance your wine experience.

$229.00 the piece

Coravin<sup>®</sup> Model Six Wine Preservation System Silver

Coravin® Timeless Six+ Wine Preservation System Silver

Timeless Six+ takes elegance to the next level. Featuring colors inspired by luxury, enhanced by chrome accents, and easy to use SmartClamps™, Model Six is perfect for hosts, connoisseurs, and tastemakers. Simply insert, tip, and pour as much wine as you and your guests desire — safely preserving the rest for your next tasting. Includes three Coravin® Pure™ capsules, six Coravin® screw caps, a Coravin® aerator and stylish, pleated carrying case.

$329.00 the piece

Coravin<sup>®</sup> Replacement Needles

Coravin® Replacement Needles

Coravin® needles are specially designed to pierce through natural or agglomerated cork and allow you to pour wine without opening the bottle. Stainless steel construction with a non-stick coating provides durability and easy insertion over hundreds of pours.

The Standard Needle is the direct replacement needle for all systems except the Model Eleven and Pivot® Wine Preservation System.

The Faster Pour Needle is thicker than the standard needle and is designed to provide a quick pour from bottles with corks that are in good condition. The wider design allows it to pour wine 20% faster than the Standard Needle.

The Vintage Needle has a thinner design ideal for older vintage bottles in your collection. It provides a gentle insertion through potentially fragile corks.

$29.95 the piece (sold individually)

Coravin<sup>®</sup> Pure™ Argon Capsules

Coravin® Pure™ Argon Capsules

Coravin® Pure™ Argon Capsules power all Coravin Wine Preservation Systems. They are filled with 99.99% ultra-pure argon gas that pressurizes the bottle to allow wine to flow through the needle, then blankets the remaining wine once the system is removed. Each capsule pours 15 full glasses of wine, preserving the life of the remaining bottle.

$20.00 the box of 2

Coravin<sup>®</sup> Aerator

Coravin® Aerator

The Coravin® Aerator, designed exclusively to be used with all Coravin® Wine Preservation Systems, is the perfect accessory to enhance the taste of your wine. This unique accessory rapidly aerates wine as you pour, yielding silky, smooth, aromatic results equivalent to decanting for 60-90 minutes. Not compatible with the Pivot® Wine Preservation System.

$29.95 the piece

Franmara Convex 18-Ounce Cocktail Shaker Set Ribbed 3-Piece Stainless Steel

Franmara Convex 18-Ounce Cocktail Shaker Set Ribbed 3-Piece Stainless Steel

No home bar is complete without a trusty cocktail shaker. The Franmara Convex Shaker is lightweight with a brilliant stainless steel finish, comfortably designed and durably constructed. Consider adding one to your cocktail themed gift basket for that extra special something.

$17.00 the piece

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