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The Austin Wine Merchant is pleased to offer an elegant gift wrap and delivery within the Austin area. Read below for pricing and more information on these services.


Delivery in the Austin Area
The Austin Wine Merchant is pleased to offer gift wrap and delivery within the Austin area. According to Texas law we are permitted to deliver only to addresses within the city limits of Austin, Texas. Here are a few things to consider when placing an order for delivery:

 Recipient must be at least 21 years of age.
 We would need a good address and telephone number for the recipient.
 $50 minimum value of order in merchandise.
 Delivery charge based on the destination zip code.
 A person of at least 21 years of age needs to be available to sign for the delivery.

Ask us about our deluxe ribbon options!

Our staff is here and ready to help you put together the ideal gift of fine wine, spirits, beers, accessories ...  to fit within a budget or to satisfy a whim. We'll wrap it up nice and send it on its merry way. Please do ask about our creative gift wrapping options. Of course, all gift wrapping is subject to availability of materials. Please do take a look at the examples on this page, then give us a call at (512) 499-0512 or drop on by the shop for more information.

    • One Bottle Gift Wrap
      $5.00 each
    • Two Bottle Gift Wrap
      $7.00 each
    • Four Bottle Gift Wrap
      $9.00 each
    • Six Bottle Gift Wrap
      $10.00 each
    • Twelve Bottle Gift Wrap
      $12.00 each

    • Champagne Bucket Wrap
      (Inquire about pricing)
    • Wooden Wine Box Wrap
      $20.00 each
    • Large Chilling Tub Wrap
      (Inquire about pricing)
    • Creative Gift Ideas
      (Inquire about pricing)
512 West Sixth Street Austin, Texas 78701-2806 USA
(An easy right turn between San Antonio and Nueces streets)