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Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap German‑Style Pils   Kwak Belgian Beer
Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye IPA   Texas Keeper No. 1 Cider

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Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap German-Style Pils

You always remember your first kiss. But no matter how very many times you try to recreate it with your awkward advances it never matches up. That’s why you should plant your pucker on a Pearl Snap. This crisp refreshing pils will never let you down. Whether if it’s your first date or two year anniversary, every bright clean sip tastes like the very first time.
Source: Austin Beerworks

$8.15 the pack of six $31.68 the case

Kwak Belgian Beer

AROMA: Mellow, fruity and malty aroma with a slightly spicy character (coriander, hops). Additional earthy and very subtle aromas of banana and perhaps also a whiff of pineapple or mango in the background.
PALATE: Discover a very mellow, fruity attack, a nougat-like solidity, and a slightly spicy character with hints of liquorice passing into a warm finish that reminds you of caramelised banana. The bitterness always remains in the background but in the end emerges delicately.
Source: Bosteels Brewery

$11.80 the bottle $131.04 the case of twelve

Real Ale Full Moon Pale Rye IPA

Full moons in the Hill Country are legendary. People literally write songs about them. And Downtown Blanco illuminated by a full moon? Unforgettable. Inspired by that striking view, Full Moon is a new take on our original flagship beer. Malted rye and barley are complemented by generous helpings of Simcoe and Citra hops, resulting in a bold, full-bodied American IPA.
Source: Real Ale

$7.41 the pack of six $28.86 the case

Texas Keeper No. 1 Cider

Texas Keeper No. 1 is a blend of five apples fermented individually and blended to craft a well-balanced, highly drinkable dry cider with notes of peach, pear, tropical fruit, light green apple, and a crisp lingering acidity.
Source: Texas Keeper Cider

$10.85 the bottle $120.48 the case of twelve

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