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Alsace has the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants in France. And its superb white wines are more than a match for its most brilliant cuisine, and its more homespun good cooking as well. Indeed, Alsace is well nigh a food and wine lover's paradise. And then there are the eaux de vie …

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2016 Trimbach Riesling 2016 Trimbach Riesling

Riesling gets a bit of a bad rap. A whole lot of folks think they can't enjoy Riesling on account of 'it's tooooo sweet' or somesuch (like sweetness was a bad thing, anyway). Well, if you find yourself in that camp and you enjoy a bit of a challenge or if you just plain enjoy clean, compelling and flavorful dry white wine, this may be the item for you. Trimbach Riesling is a standard bearer among fine dry Riesling wines produced on this planet. Yes, dry Riesling! Bone dry! Totally and unapologetically so. This is the way the Trimbach family prefer it. And they've been producing Alsace wines for almost four centuries now, long enough to make up their minds over the matter. And Trimbach Riesling is already a proven winner of a white wine right here in beautiful downtown Austin, Texas. Pure aristocratic and floral Riesling aromas suggestive of lemon peel (like the color of the label), linden flower, apricot, peach and pulverized stone; firm and dry, engaging the palate with a focused and penetrating flavor that then spreads out resplendent and refreshing across the tongue, leaving the entire mouth just watering away and waiting for more. C'mon downtown, grab a bottle or two of this stuff and get right with Riesling!

$19.99 the bottle  $203.88 the case

2010 Trimbach Riesling Cuvee Frederic Emile 2010 Trimbach Riesling Cuvée Frédéric Émile

Bright, pale straw-yellow. Deep, intense aromas of yellow apple, mirabelle, jasmine and anise. Dense, suave and tangy, showing a lovely light touch and noteworthy lift to its flavors of apple, pear, minerals and flowers thanks to eye-watering acidity. Finishes cool, vibrant and palate-staining, with lingering notes of mint and liquid minerals. Rated 95. - Ian D'Agata, November, 2012

$75.00 the bottle $382.50 the case of 6

512 West Sixth Street Austin, Texas 78701-2806 USA
(an easy right turn between San Antonio and Nueces streets)