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Malbec, a mere bit player in the cocktail that is Bordeaux, is right at home in Argentina. And the combination of Malbec and the other Bordeaux varietals, most notably Cabernet Sauvignon, can be sublime. Be it (from north to south) Salta, Mendoza or Patagonia (for Pinot noir, too), Argentina represents among the most promising of new frontiers in fine winegrowing. And, there may be just that little something extra given that many of its vines are on their own roots.

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2014 Bodegas Caro Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon Amancaya   2014 Mendel Wines Lunta Malbec Mendoza  
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2015 Bodegas Caro Malbec Cabernet Sauvignon Amancaya Reserve Red Blend

$17.50 the bottle  $178.56 the case

2014 Mendel Wines Lunta Malbec Mendoza

Lunta Malbec is produced of 100% Malbec from the southernmost parcel of the Mendel estate vineyard which lies in Lunlunta, a small district within Mendoza’s Lujan de Cuyo department as one approaches the Mendoza River. The vines are planted at elevations averaging 3,280 feet and are an high average age of 82 years. About ⅔ of the wine is aged in oak, ⅓ each new, one and two year barrels, and about ⅓ in stainless steel. The result is really, really good: dusty, arid soil-inflected aromas, earth, plum and dark cherry with nuance of fine chocolate and mint; medium-full in body; richly-fruited with polished round tannins and bursting flavors; warm and invigorating to the finish; superb choice for heartier fall and winter cuisines. And absolutely splendid value!

$16.25 the bottle  $165.72 the case

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